046: Molly Sapp on Using Simple Mindset Shifts to Get What You Want

Feb 18

Molly Sapp is the founder of, mindset strategies for high-performance females. She works with female entrepreneurs on everything mindset, whether it’s their bodies, the men (or women) in their lives, and of course, the favorite for entrepreneurs, money. Molly has been studying personal development for over 20 years, starting with several different religions, finding new age philosophy and spending 10 to 15 hours a day crafting techniques and strategies to transform herself that not only have transformed her life but her clients as well… She’s helped multiple people make an extra million or two in her first 15 months of business. She went back to Christianity after studying new age philosophy and incorporates many of her strategies to help women heal their connection to God, the universe, or whatever one wants to call it, in order to manifest their deepest desires.

In this episode, Molly and Kate talk about:

  • Molly’s background
  • The effect of money stress on whole body health
  • Common blocks preventing goal achievement
  • How to figure out what you REALLY want
  • Mindset strategies to overcome blocks and make big shifts
  • Warning: mindset shifts are not always positive!
  • Simple ways to overcome big blocks
  • Getting in touch with Molly

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Molly Sapp


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Kate Jaramillo: Creator of Ketogenic Living 101, 102, Straight-Up Wellness & Keto Living Coach Certification. Wellness Advocate & Badass.