043: Chrissy Barron on How to Build Your Health Tool Box and Own Your Health

Jan 28

Chrissy Barron is the Co-Owner, Director of Operations at Nova 3 Labs
Owner and The Athlete Mindset (Mental Performance Coaching).
was a former Collegiate Cheerleader at California State University Northridge where she competed on the university’s collegiate national team for three consecutive years. In 2011 she found CrossFit and since has aimed to be competitive in the sport, qualifying for the American Open as a 63kg lifter in 2016.

She currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and trains at Training Think Tank. After college, Chrissy worked for many businesses, where she gained experience in online marketing and social media and chose to apply those skills to Nova 3 Labs. Chrissy decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology and graduated in 2018 on the honor roll. She is currently utilizing her degree to impact as many lives as possible in the CrossFit space with Mental Performance Coaching.

In this episode, Chrissy and Kate talks about:

  • Self confidence
  • Clearing out the negative headspace
  • Valuing your time
  • Small attainable goals
  • What to look for in a supplement company
  • Post-workout nutrient absorption
  • Top nutrient deficiencies
  • Treating anxiety naturally

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Chrissy Barron


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