038: Trevor Folgering on Listening to Your Body to Find Your Keto Blueprint

Dec 24

Trevor Folgering has been in the health and fitness Industry since 1998 and has a love and passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

He started off as a personal trainer working in various clubs, and private personal training studios throughout Canada, honing his craft as a wellness professional and
implementing what he has learned to help others transform their health and lives!

In 2013, Trevor decided to switch and study nutrition and how nutrition directly effects our bodies on a daily basis. He began really to understand how carbohydrates can have a negative impact on the body and how ketogenesis can play a huge role in improving not only how our bodies look, but how diseases can be reduced and eliminated completely simply by inducing a state of ketogenesis.

Trevor now coaches individuals on how to start, implement and maintain a ketogenic lifestyle for LIFE!

In this episode, Trevor Folgering talks about:

  • Trevor’s 6-month keto transformation
  • Intuitive eating
  • 5 Day Blueprint: 1 – Educate 2- Mindset 3 – Creating keto meals 4 – Nutritional ketosis 5 – Limiting beliefs
  • 14 Day Keto Bootcamp
  • Keto & Heart Disease
  • Listening to your body

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Trevor Folgering


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