032: Bronson Dant on Eat Meat, Drink Water: The Carnivore Diet

Nov 12

Bronson Dant is a trainer, coach, and fitness mentor who has experienced optimal health through a carnivore diet. Bronson started the Carnivore Diet out of curiosity and it turned into a passion for knowledge and enlightenment.

At his fitness center in Ellicott City, MD, Bronson helps clients improve their lives by building good, sustainable exercise and nutrition habits. He is passionate about changing the perception of fitness over 40.

Through CrossFit training four to five days a week and a meat-only diet, this 46-year old grandfather looks and feels better than ever. Bronson is ready to take on the world and spread the news about meat-fueled nutrition and strength training!

In this episode, Bronson Dant talks about:

  • What is the carnivore diet?
  • Where to start with a carnivore diet
  • Carnivores and dairy
  • Micronutrients and supplements for a healthy carnivore diet
  • Favorite carnivore meals and recipes
  • Eating carnivore outside of the home
  • Carnivore diet myths

Featured Guest

Bronson Dant
Bronson Dant


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