024: Robert Sikes on Fat Fueled Is the New Strong

Sep 17

Robert Orion Sikes, aka Keto Savage, is a lifetime natural competitive bodybuilder. Since training for his first competition (which he won), Robert learned how to maintain a lean physique year round, no longer doing the crazy bulking and cutting sessions. The Savage has been Keto-Adapted for more than four years now and has experienced significant strength, and mass gains. Outside of competitive bodybuilding, Robert coaches individuals and athletes to achieve ideal body composition and health. He has also cofounded the Deeper State Keto program and hosts the Savage Podcast.

In this episode, Robert Sikes talks about:

being strong on keto, recipes and more:

  • Rob’s keto story
  • Strength training and carbs – dispelling the myth that “your muscles need the carbs to replace glycogen stores”
  • What is a well-formulated ketogenic diet
  • The keto macro calculator – Keto Savage phases
  • When to recalculate macros
  • The Keto Brick
  • Keto Savage Recipes
  • Keto Savage Coaching
  • A Keto wedding!
  • Keto & Sugar Alcohols
  • Keto & Alcohol
  • Supplements

Featured Guest

Robert Sikes


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Keto Savage
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