017: Catharine Arnston on Unlocking the Power of Algae for Chronic Disease and Everyday Health

Jul 30

Catharine Arnston has a thirty year career as an international Attache for the Canadian and British Governments, publisher of an international magazine and Founder of three startups.

But, in 2009, her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. When her oncologist advised her to change her diet to an alkaline one because it would help her heal, Catharine put her career on hold to help her sister.

In the process, she discovered algae, the most alkaline, nutrient-dense plant in the world that no one seemed to know about. Catharine knew algae would be a game changer for the world if she could just help Americans understand it.

And ENERGYbits was born.

In this episode, Catharine Arnston talks about:

  • What is algae, and what are the benefits of consuming it? (both general health and sports performance)
  • Algae tablets vs multivitamins
  • Benefits of algae consumption for athletes and marathon runners
  • Algae for cellular health
  • What do algae/Energybits taste like? How do we consume them?
  • Vitamin K2: what is it & why is it essential to women’s health?
  • Where you can purchase/learn more about ENERGYbits?

Featured Guest

Catharine Arnston
Catharine Arnston - Straight-Up Wellness


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