015: Hanna Boëthius on Diabetes and Keto: A Match Made in Heaven?

Jul 16

Hanna Boëthius is an international speaker, writer, activist, and all around expert on living with Type 1 Diabetes. Hanna has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 33 years. After adopting a low carb diet in 2011, she’s become an international spokeswoman for the benefits of the Ketogenic lifestyle.

Through her company, Hanna Diabetes Expert, she has been a passionate voice for change in diabetes management and how the ketogenic lifestyle is revolutionizing life with diabetes, enabling those living with the disease to kickstart their health and wellness on their own terms. She has inspired thousands of people living with diabetes on how to live a healthier life by sharing her own stories and experiences.

Hanna is the co-founder of the Low Carb Universe, the first-ever 100% low-carb event in Europe, which features lectures, resources, and meet-ups to talk about, connect with, and learn from the international low carb community.

In this episode, Hanna Boëthius talks about:

  • The Real Truth about Type 1 Diabetes
  • Can a Keto Lifestyle Work with Diabetes?
  • Achieving Life Balance with Nutrition
  • Ketosis vs. Ketoacidosis: Debunking the Myths
  • How to Be Your Own Health Advocate
  • Moderating Blood Sugar & Ketones: What’s the Deal?

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Hannah Boëthius


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