013: Jason Wittrock on Building Muscle and Health with a Keto Diet

Jul 02

Jason Wittrock is a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model who uses the ketogenic diet to be camera-ready 24/7.

Known as the “Keto King”, Jason has found his purpose in coaching individuals and groups in adopting a ketogenic lifestyle to enhance their fitness and overall health. Jason’s virtual workout programs and ketogenic nutrition will help you become the king or queen of your own fitness!

As one of the first fitness professionals to adopt a ketogenic lifestyle for performance, learn how Jason used Keto to become the powerhouse he is in the industry today!

In this episode, Jason Wittrock talks about:

  • Results of a 4,000 calorie-per-day ketogenic diet
  • Keto for bodybuilding
  • Sustainability of a ketogenic diet
  • Cyclical ketosis
  • If keto didn’t work for you, should you give it another try?

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