012: Andress Blackwell on Sweeteners and Sugar Replacements: Finding the Right Fit For Your Lifestyle

Jun 25

Andress Blackwell is the CEO of Swerve Sweetener, the natural zero-calorie, non-glycemic sweetener that works great in baking, cooking, drinks, everything!

Swerve is a game changer in the sweetener industry: with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or flavors, Swerve is the cup-for-cup sugar replacement that is safe for everyone, including those living with diabetes.

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Andress and the Swerve team are dedicated to helping individuals control their blood sugar through safe, all-natural methods. For over sixteen years, Swerve has been leading the charge in finding healthy ways for you and your family to enjoy your favorite sweet foods!

In this episode, Andress Blackwell talks about:

  • The Backstory of Swerve Sweetener
  • Stabilizing Your Blood Sugar
  • How Swerve is Made
  • Erythritol: the Good Sugar Alcohol
  • Using Swerve in Baking & Cooking
  • Sugars and Sweets on Keto
  • Sugar Replacements: Pros & Cons

Featured Guest

Andress Blackwell


Swerve Sweetener Website

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