007: Gerry Powell on Truth, Awakening, & Plant Medicine

May 21

When Gerry Powell, the Founder of Rythmia and author of “Sh*t the Moon Said”, started his journey toward optimal health and total well-being, he was a successful businessman.

However, his search for the purest forms of medicine and most effective ways of healing led him to create Rythmia, a life-transforming, luxury health and wellness center.

Driven by the ease of awakening through alternative therapy programs versus conventional routes, he decided to make it his life’s mission to show others there’s a shortcut to happiness.

Rythmia is an all-inclusive, medically licensed luxury resort and retreat center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

In this episode, Gerry Powell shows how truth and awareness can heal more than just your body:

  • The separation of the soul – what it is and when/how it happens to each of us
  • What is Rythmia? Who is it right for?
  • Why is it so important to combine sacred plant medicine with a beautiful environment, farm-to-table organic food, and massage?
  • Where does sacred plant medicine come from? Why is it so important to make sure you know the source of the medicine?
  • Depression – the true causes and most effective treatments
  • Gerry’s story – from successful, depressed entrepreneur to healer

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Sh*t the Moon Said: a Story of Sex, Drugs, and Ayahuasca
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