006: Rawvana (Yovana Mendoza) on Revealing Your Authentic Self

May 14

Yovana Mendoza is often better known as “Rawvana”. She’s a certified holistic health counselor, YouTube sensation, and author.

She focuses on total body transformation through nutrition, plant-based lifestyles, daily gratitude, and self-love to become the best version of yourself.

Yovana has inspired millions of women and men to not only transform their diet but also their mindset, outlook, and view of their self.

In this episode, Yovana talks about:

  • Rawvana’s favorite plant-based products
  • Ways to improve your mood and outlook
  • What gratitude and generosity can do for you
  • How foods affect your brain and energy
  • Why having days of play are critical for your health
  • Self-love and how it makes a bigger difference than you might think

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