005: Matt and Megha (Keto Connect) on Using a Keto Diet for Energy and Life

May 07

Matt & Megha are the creators of Keto Connect (the YouTube Channel and Food Blog), where they have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Their goal is to take any dish and make it ketogenic-friendly.

When Matt and Megha aren’t filming their weekly YouTube cooking videos and creating new recipes, they are chilling in Atlanta, GA with their dog Julius and cat Miley. Matt and Megha’s first cookbook, “Keto Made Easy”, will hit the stores in late May of this year.

Matt and Megha are passionate about self-experimentation and finding a way to eat keto that feels best for the individual. For you, that means they’ve figured out both what works for a variety of people and also some of the most delicious keto recipes ever.

Matt & Megha on Using a Keto Diet to Easily Transform Your Body and Energy:

  • How to continually experiment and find what works for you
  • How to avoid feeling tired during the day – particularly that afternoon slump
  • Socializing while eating healthy – without making people feel awkward
  • How many carbs do you really need on a keto diet?
  • Female health on a keto diet
  • Avoiding burnout while still being serious about your diet
  • Staying proud of your journey no matter what people say

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