002: Kelly Olexa on Overcoming Poor Self-Talk and Body Image

Apr 16

Kelly Olexa is the creator of Fitfluential (the podcast and community).

Kelly Olexa has gone from burnt-out corporate employee to founder of a wellness community, FitFluential and the FitFluential podcast.

Her goal is to help others “find your fitness” by presenting fact-based information delivered by industry experts on all forms of fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

I’ve been following Kelly for years, and you should be listening as well. While Kelly resides in Austin, TX, her message is being delivered to more than 300 million people worldwide via her website, podcast, and the FitFluential ambassadors.

Kelly is both inspiring and authentically refreshing in her openness about how she’s built a company and life that support her own wellness and that of millions of people.

Kelly Olexa on Body Image, Self-Talk, Birth Control, & Avoiding Fads…

  • Yo-Yo dieting
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Her personal health issues
  • How to get fit without spending 2 hours a day in the gym or kitchen
  • Getting past fads and bad information
  • Staying healthy without going insane from being too busy
  • The best places to start on your journey toward better health and happiness
  • Negative self-talk, work stress, and poor body-image: how these issues cause hidden unhealthiness
  • Mindset & how to approach your life less fear and insecurity
  • The hidden dangers of birth control
  • How to better interpret your blood work

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Kelly Olexa


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